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We really appreciate your opinion about our escorts and our service. All our ladies love to know what do you think about the service, their performance, beauty, conversation, etc... Also, they prefer to know what do you think about their loving skills, about the place of the date and if you spend a good time or it could have been better.

As Russian escorts in Milan (Milano), they want to improve every day, and they need your thoughts and suggestions. Please, write your escort review and we'll love to publish it as soon as we receive it. We use a moderation tool, just in case. There's sometimes robots and users who only want to make spam.

Reviews and evaluations of our Russian escorts in Milan (Milano) also help other customers to decide among all our ladies. You can read reviews from any of our ladies selecting one of them from below:

Date of Visit: 2015-10-11; Name: Ridley; Escort name: Wendy

“Red Haired Girl has always been my fantasy. I find my dream come true when I dated Amandolin, a beautiful Russian Escort. She has really nice curly hair like a fairytale princess, long smooth legs like a ramp model and well toned body. Shower Experience with her was really awesome; I kissed her body passionately, fondled her breasts and she never ever complained for a second. Really recommend to anyone who wants to make love to woman in shower.”

Date of Visit: 2015-10-11; Name: Matt; Escort name: Alegra

She is quite an experienced person. I was surprised with her tendency of making love. She can perform anything on bed from soft kisses to hard action like blowjob or oral sex. Quite Punctual about time, she will arrive on time and leave on time without staying any extra minute.

Date of Visit: 2015-08-15; Name: Savya Remizov, Russia; Escort name: Lina

Lina is sweet and intellectual lady. I had a great time talking with her. The dinner with her was quite interesting. After dinner, we went for shower experience where she surprised me with her passionate love making skills. Her kissing is just amazing and the way she sucks your cock is really amazing. I never thought she would be so adventurous in bed. Overall, sex was great with her. Only problem is that she is too thin. It seems she is on strict dieting which I don’t really like in my woman. Savya Remizov, Russia

Date of Visit: 2015-08-14; Name: Goga Pishchalnikov, Russia; Escort name: Wendy

She looks really sexy in undergarments. I massage her whole body and found what a soft skin she has got. She likes kissing on lips very much. She is happy giving her men to play major role in bed. Overall, she is perfect escort who likes to be dominated by men in bed. Goga Pishchalnikov, Russia

Date of Visit: 2015-08-14; Name: IOAKIM Nemstov, Russia; Escort name: Dguna

She is quite a reserved person, but quite good in bed. She is very good in kisser, encourages you to play with her tits and moans sweetly as you insert your organ inside her vagina. She has lovely hair, athletic body creating enough excitement in your body. IOAKIM Nemstov, Russia

Date of Visit: 2015-08-05; Name: Peter Fleming, England; Escort name: Shelli

Best thing about her is that she wears provocative clothes for evening. I booked her as a girlfriend for my friend’s birthday party. Later, we make out in her apartment. Her tits are amazing. She enjoys a lot when you kiss them. She is passionate about trying different position in anal sex too. Overall, night with her was damn good. Peter Fleming, England

Date of Visit: 2015-08-02; Name: Juan Zhao, China; Escort name: Lina

She has amazing tits. I just can’t stop myself sucking, licking and fondling her tits. Apart from that, she is a really good kisser. It was first time I went for mouth to mouth kissing and experience was really great. Overall, she has amazing body which you won’t stop kissing or playing with her. You must book her if you want some excitement in your sex life.

Date of Visit: 2015-08-02; Name: Anand Singh, India; Escort name: Masha

A really sweet girl to hang out. She is amazing in kissing. She gives you deep mouth to mouth kisses. Her tits are really marvelous. I played a lot with her tits. She likes to indulge more in kissing and petting rather than sexual intercourse. Overall, she is fine. Anand Singh, India

Date of Visit: 2015-07-30; Name: Alain Beaumont, France; Escort name: Lucy

She is a nice girl to hang out with. We went for romantic dinner first; then make out in bed. Her skin is really soft. She really likes kissing all over her body. I kissed her lips, neck, fondle her tits and flat stomach and then fucked her in missionary position. The sex was just amazing. You must go for her in case you are looking for some romance cum sex for one night.

Date of Visit: 2015-07-26; Name: Eduard Dragomirov, Russia; Escort name: Lizaveta

Lizaveta is a very good cock sucker. She starts slow with your cock; then sucks it ferociously with time. It was a mind blowing oral experience for me. Overall, she has nice body just like a model. Her eyes are really beautiful. They show lot of warmth and compassion while making love.

Date of Visit: 2015-07-01; Name: Spartak Gagarin, Russia; Escort name: Margot

One of the best legs, I have ever seen in my life. I just love kissing her whole body as well as fucking her by lifting her long legs on my shoulder. She really moans sweetly, encouraging you to push yourself more harder. Overall, Margot is a nice girl for one night stand.

Date of Visit: 2014-12-09; Name: “Ian Butler, Scotland”; Escort name: Lona

Now I know why people are crazy about Russian Escorts. It was my first time with an Escort and I must say what a body. I couldn’t stop kissing her. Her lips, breasts, neck everything is so perfect. It was first time that while making love; I was not satisfied for an hour. I decided to go for whole night. We opt for whole body kissing and hot shower experience. It was really amazing. You must book her service, if you want to experience great sex.

Date of Visit: 2014-06-10; Name: Andrew Garfield, USA; Escort name: Magda

She is a complete woman. Her face, her curvaceous body is just perfect. On top of that, her gentle nature is just like icing on a cake. It was first time I talked openly with a person. Not only this,we made tender love in night too. I kissed her whole body, fondled her tits and fucked her gently in missionary position. The sex was just amazing. You must book her if you want someone to talk with. She is the nicest person I have ever met in my life.

Date of Visit: ; Name: Galiamoda; Escort name: Lucy

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