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As long as they meet men like you, they earn experience and learn a lot from your knowledge and your stories. In this section, our escorts write and make public their own stories. Here you will be able to read about dates, girls preferences, private experiences from our ladies and, of course, news about our professional Russian escort service in Milan (Milano)

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Confession of client: Slept with my boss I am Rishabh joined as Multinational IT Company as a software programmer on entry level. My office schedule remains tight due to my strict boss who remains always on toe to finish project on time. She is the strictest person, I have ever encountered in my life. She doesn’t allow men to smoke, girls to chat long on their phone and expects everyone to arrive on time. Overall, all my colleagues remain in terror due to her strict disciplinarian behaviour. By, God grace, I have always remained in Good books in her eyes. I always complete my work on time, solve complex problems in quick span and always talk to her with due respect, unlike other senior colleagues who see her with roving eyes. My boss is quite a stunner. She is 5 feet, 8 inches tall, fair, has knee length hair, slender figure and looks really hot in skirt and office shirt. Most people have tried to hit on her, but have never been successful in dating her or sleeping with her. She is known for no- nonsense attitude throughout in office; in fact, one senior manager got a tight slap in front of whole office when he tried to be over-friendly with her. From that day, no men in our company dared to approach her for date. Girls considered her as arrogant bitch and men were really scared of her. There were rumours that she is in a relationship with a boy working in defence since 9 years, but it has never been confirmed. Quite strangely, she has always been nice to me. One day, I forgot to bring my lunch, she offered me hers, which was a rare gesture from her side. Also, she always reply to me with a smile, even sometimes put a hand on my shoulders. No matter what the whole office say, what I can say about her is that she is tough from outside, but soft from inside.


One day, I stayed late in office, since I have to finish a project on deadline. Almost, everyone had left and there was hardly anyone in office. Almost, everyone had left and there was hardly anyone in office. I finished my work by 2: am and was surprised to listen to a woman sobbing in my office. I went straight there from where voice was coming and found my boss crying a lot. I asked “What happened?” She didn’t reply. I put my bag, brought a glass of water and put a pat on her shoulder. She took glass of water like an obedient child and told me her story. She told me, she was engaged to a guy for nine years, but he was not committing to marriage. Whenever, she prompt up a marriage question, he told her, he needs some time to concentrate on his career and can’t commit in a relationship till he is settled down, even though he was earning handsomely. Recently, he told her that his parents have found a sweet, innocent looking girl for him and he is marrying her. She was shocked that guy with whom she dreams of spending her whole life could walk away just like that. She told me she had given everything to him, her body, her money; in-fact had gone for abortion once, still he is deserting her. She was shaken completely.


I felt really sympathetic towards her. To console her, I took her face and give her a kiss on her sweet red lips. She didn’t complain mind. To stop her crying, I again kissed her on lips and this time I kept my tongue rolling in her mouth. Now, she was aroused, taking deep breath. She smiled at me and taking advantage of fact that she didn’t mind, I move towards her neck and start kissing her, while kissing her neck, my hands move inside her shirt and fondled her breast. I continued doing so for five minutes. Now, she was completely excited, in fact she was blushing, couldn’t make an eye contact with me. Now, she was in total control of me, I started unbuttoning her shirt and took her off within a second, then my hands move towards button of her skirt, within few moments, I removed her skirt too. Now, she was really looking gorgeous in lingerie. I made her stand up and started kissing her navel, while my hands were fondling her breasts. From navel, I move to her neck again and give passionate kisses on her neck. Holding her tight, I opened hook of her bra, she was shocked, but couldn’t do anything.


She put her hands on small breasts in shyness; I took away her hands to see her beautiful breasts. Her breasts were round and firm, I put my mouth in her breasts and start sucking them like a hungry child. I keep on sucking them till her nipples become completely red. After that, I move towards her lips and starts kissing them again, I move again to her neck, this time, I gave her a love byte, she gave a soft cry, but I didn’t stop. Soon, I lay her down on table, with me on top of her; I removed her panties and within a few moments, my penis was inside her vagina. Soon, she spread her legs to welcome me inside her body. I keep on thrusting my organ inside her while lying on top of her. Looking directly into her eyes while fucking her, I asked her, “Marry me”, she said, “what?”, again I told her to marry me, if she refuses, I will keep on inserting my organ till she said yes. She laughed and said yes. With that, I gave a passionate kiss on her lips and release a large amount of cum inside her body. After this, emotional sexual encounter, both of us went back home. Soon, I met her parents and with hers as well as mine parents blessings, we got married within a month. Now, both of us are parents of 2 year old son and still laugh at passionate sexual encounter that took place in office.


Свершилось! Свершилось, повторила я в сотый раз , бесконечно прокручивая в памяти сегодняшний день. По минуте, по секунде во всех мелочах...Наконец-то меня пригласили на кастинг в элитное модельное агентство Как долго ждала я этого дня!? охватившее легкое волнение игрло мне только на руку. Глаза блестели, зарумянились щеки и легкий холодок изнутри, придавали мне азарта.Я чувствовала себя актрисой,приглашенной на пробы, очень желанной для меня роли.Сколько раз я рассматривала своё обнаженное красивое тело в зеркале, восхищаясь шелковистостью кожи и прекрасными формами! Сколько раз я мечтала,что с успехом смогла бы украсить глянцевые обложки модельных журналов! ? вот свершилось:-я обнажаю своё молодое , красивое и ухоженное тело с нескрываемым удовольствием и взгляды,направленные на меня,-возбуждают!Я испытываю легкое головокружение и невероятное желание секса...Видимо,мое настроение передается. Строгая и очень красивая женщина спрашивает меня:- У Вас есть опыт?.. Вам нравится заниматься сексом?...Я не узнаю себя!В другой момент я бы ,наверное, смутилась,но не сегодня.!...Это мой Звездный Час!Да!Да!:- отвечаю не стесняясь.Я люблю!! Я Хочу! ? понимаю,что я слишком красива и притягательна,чтобы смущаться.Я рождена красивой и сексуальной,чтобы доставлять удовольствие мужчинам...А если мне еще и платить будут за это!!! Кастинг продолжался:-мне задавали вопросы об образовании,знании иностранных языков и др.Прошла фотосессия и с удовольствием для себя,я поняла,что пробы на роль я прошла успешно. А в том, что я актриса,сексуальна и очень красивая -сомнений не было! Я могу быть эскорт моделью! Я знаю как угодить мужчине в постели. Красоту терять нельзя, она должна быть востребована. Приходите! Будем работать! - эти слова прозвучали как взрыв самого желанного для меня фейерверка...


A sweet encounter with Suspended Police Officer. It was first time I spend night with a cop and it was full of bliss. The Cop was well built, clean shaven with buzz cut hair and great height. He arrived in my apartment on time. I made him comfortable by making a drink and when he was relaxed enough, I asked him why he was so sad. The Cop told me that he was suspended recently for shooting a thief, but internal politics proved him guilty rather than awarding his hard work. Hence, he was suspended. The guy was totally dejected after this and had come to me to take away his mind from office tension for some hours. I caressed his hair for a while and asked him what exactly he wanted me to do. He gazed at me from top to bottom. It was quite a romantic look rather than a hungrily one. With a smile on his face he said, “Take off your clothes, My Love. I haven’t seen a naked woman in my whole life.” I laughed looking at his response. I found it quite surprising that despite being such a handsome men why he was still single. He told me he didn’t have time of making a girlfriend. He told me that first of all Cops have bad reputation, second his busy schedule left him no time of having some fun. I really felt sympathy for him. I said to him “Whatever happens; happens for the Good. Now, you are suspended, you should enjoy sweet pleasure of woman” Saying this, I unhooked my hair, took off my top along with pants and appeared in lingerie within 10 minutes. I was glad to see his eyes wide open on seeing me almost nude. He came close to me and run his firm hands all over my body. I really felt a chill as his hands move over my soft stomach, my soft tits. He came from behind. He unhooked my bra, pull down my panties and started kissing my back. I love it when he rolled his tongue all over my body. Then, he turned my face to his and kissed me passionately on my lips. Gently, he put me down on bed and kissed me passionately from top to bottom. I love it when his tongue rolled over my body, spread his legs and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. It was felt like heaven when his cock move deep inside my body. He was really in motion and soon cum inside my body. After that, he went to deep sleep beside me. He thanked me on waking up and promised me to come back again soon. He kept his promise and this time we went to watch a movie together. Now, we are both good friends with each other and who knows it results in marriage.


Two Hour session with a Doctor I always had shabby men as clients. They treated me like a piece of meat leaving me really frustrated of not getting my due in bed at all. One day, I got a call from doctor. It was an honour for me that such a reputed person had called me to spend time with me. I noted down the address and went to his apartment next day. I wore an elegant white t-shirt along with short skirt to impress him. The doctor was waiting for me as I enter his apartment. I was shocked to see him sitting completely naked in the drawing room. He told me to perform a seductive strip dance for him. Since it was his day, I played music on my I-phone and start taking off my clothes. I could see his cock getting hard as my clothes fell on ground one by one. Soon, I appeared in undergarments. As I appeared in undergarments, the guy came close to me and kissed me passionately on my lips. He laid me gently on the floor and run his firm hands all over my body. From his excitement, it was quite obvious that he hadn’t experienced woman before. I too motivated him to play more with my body. When he had moved his hands all over my body, he came on top of me and kissed me passionately on my lips. He kept on rolling his tongue for some minutes. Then, he proceeded down to all over my body. His lips rolled over my neck, while his hands juggled with my soft breasts. From neck, he fastened his lips on my breasts and kissed them gently moving from one tit to another within a minute.


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One Night with a Drunkard Sleeping with a drunkard man is quite risky. You have no idea how he would behave in bed. That’s why most escorts immediately cancel the date once they found the person is heavily drunk. But, escorts who are short of money can’t refuse the date. To support themselves, they have to sleep with any man no matter what his background is. In Initial days of mine as an escort, I had a one night stand with a drunkard. If I had been a well known escort, I would have refused his offer. But, I was really in need of money and thanked my stars that I got a client. I wore a sexy white color top along with black I didn’t know the man was heavily drunk till I enter his hotel room. He was completely naked, in fact was not even wearing an under wear. I was embarrassed to look at him. He told me to come near him so that he can look closely. I went near his bed reluctantly. He offered me a drink, but I refused. He kept on drinking for some minutes staring me from top to bottom. Suddenly, he told me to take off my shirt. I followed his orders and immediately removed my top. I saw a big smile on his face and then he told me to get rid of my skirt. I did that too. Now, I was completely naked in front of him. He kept on looking at me with raven eyes for some minutes. Then, he told me to come sit beside him on bed. I trembled to come near him, but I have no choice. I did exactly as he told. He embraced me tightly in his arms. Both of us felt a new surge of energy when our body met. Suddenly, he started kissing my neck passionately. After kissing every corner of my neck, he took my face in his hands, look closely for a minute and then start kissing deeply on my lips. Both of us enjoyed our lip lock session. We did this for 10 minutes, and then took a break to take a breath. From lips, he moved to chest area. He put his lips firmly on mine breasts. He played, fondled kissed my breasts like a hungry child. I moaned when he bit my breasts. After satisfying himself from breasts, he made me lay on bed, open my legs and inserted his cock in my body. He put a hand on my mouth so that I won’t be able to scream or shout. It was a rape like situation. He kept on pushing his cock harder and harder inside me. In excitement, I bit his hand. He removed his hand from my mouth and I sigh a relief. But, surprisingly he closed my lips again with his. I was kissed and fucked at same time and I enjoy every moment of it. Soon, he ejaculated inside my body and lie down next to me. Soon, he went into a deep sleep. I wore my clothes, give him a gentle kiss and walked away from his life. It was unexpectedly a sweet night. He was a very good lover, only problem was that he drunk too much. Had it not been a drinking problem, then I would have definitely contacted him, but I do not want to take second risk with my body. Hence, I never initiated any contact with him again although he was a good lover.